Words from Prop Burns that I Believe and Recieve

Let go of everything that has produced stress. I speak of those things that are out of your ability to control. I tell you truly that the time you have spent in agitation and worry has not helped one bit, but has actually been a detriment to your faith. Trust Me with every troublesome and difficult situation that is beyond your resources–physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially. I will give wisdom and direction in your circumstances, says the Lord. Do not be afraid. 

Psalms 73:28 But it is good for me to draw near to God; I have put my trust in the Lord GOD, that I may declare all Your works.
From Prop Burns

My prophets bring forth things old and things new. The way is open for you to let go of things that are bound up in the past so that you may begin this new adventure. For, whatever has assaulted you in these past weeks, whatever has bound you, this is the day to be released and break out so that you may walk the path of My anointing in this season. I have declared that a new anointing is coming upon My people. It is a more powerful anointing than you have ever walked in. It will break every yoke of bondage. It will release the captive and will cause you to walk in a new place of authority. It will bring the manifestation of your words to fufill My purpose and to call things that are not as though they are, says the Lord. All you must do is believe. I will go before you and prepare the way of My word, and then you will follow and receive the blessings of it.
From Prop. Burns



Not my Words I copied from another Face booker ………

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. Micah 4:2

My friend, you may be broken; you may think your life is beyond repair, may be you “fallen off the wagon” and every thing looks so dark and hopeless. Perhaps you feel like it is too late –like things now so messed up for you even to have a hope. But allow me to share with you this truth today, your life is not beyond repair! It is not over until God says it’s over! No matter how dark your life looks, with Christ your future is bright. 

Our God is a God of restoration! He is a God of new things. A new life, a new beginning, new covenant, new hearts, and new way of doing things. Because he is a God of new things there is always hope and future. There is joy and peace. Listen what the Scripture says, “I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD” Jeremiah 30: 17. 

Today, open your heart for God’s healing. Come to the master craftsman. He specializes in taking what is not and creating what is. He is in the business of restoring hopes, broken dreams, wounded spirits, troubled minds, and hopeless lives. Come as you are! Bring your situation that seems hopeless, dim, broken, beyond repair and without luster, God can restore and make it new. There is nothing beyond his power of restoration. God can restore, and God can forgive, and God can take a broken vessel and remake and refashion all over again.


I had my walk it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. ….. I realized that getting back to 3 hours should not be as important as begin to enjoy it and do it on a regular basis ……..

I also saw my life since 2/2009 ….. I was a large nail and the enemy sent people, etc. and they all had hammers ….. They were hitting me and my body was being lowered into the ground up to my neck ……

During this time I kept praising GOD, sharing HIS goodness etc. even when I would have problems catching my breath, difficulty speaking etc……

The enemy wanted me to leave GOD but in fact it made me love HIM more!!

I’m going through the healing process and I believe HE has chosen to do it slowly and not instantaneously …… I accept God’s will and plan over my life!!! HE is in control !!! Amen !!!!


Synthetic fragrances

For whatever reason, a sulfate allergy is often accompanied by sensitivity or allergy to synthetically made fragrances. That means anything with a perfume can potentially cause a rash or breathing problems. Fortunately, products scented with essential oils are safe, as they derive directly from the plant they smell like and do not contain chemical additives. You don’t have to live without pretty-smelling soap, you just have to be careful that the label doesn’t list “artificial fragrance” as one of the ingredients.

thats what sent me to the e/r on 9/27/13 …………..

Calcium Citrate Not Safe For Me

wow just got a pain in my left inner thigh and having difficulty walking and breathing ……..
so I say to myself lets c whats in this calcium citrate plus my doctor put me on that I just started taking yesterday ……….
oh my magnesium sulfate ………. I’M ALLERGIC …. PREDNISONE TIME !!!!!!!
No sulfur products for me I already having difficulty breathing and thats also the allergic reaction to sulfur …………..Thank God I didnt take all 4 chewable tablets I chewed 2 then I will take the other 2 and 4got …. Thank GOD !!!!

Disability Says I Can Handle Difficult Task …….

wow i totally misunderstood my letter from my doc about my referral …….

although they r saying i dont need a referral ……

and I call and they say I need a referral ………

I just pushed the letter aside until today and saw that they told me to make an appt on my own ……….

Yes sometimes I have to re-read stuff to understand what is says..

She saw I was totally confused just now so she said she will contact my doctor and call me back at 2pm ………….

Thank U Lord GOD 4 keeping UR hands on me !!!!

Headache on board ……… sweesh

Also a pinching pain in the middle of my inner thigh thats making it difficult to walk 2day …….

Just happened I was fine this morning …………

Although Ive been having pain and cant lift the leg for months now ……..

I keep 4getting to mention it to my doc !!!!!!!!!

GOD is always with us …. AMEN

When the strongest and head of the family get sick ………….

Its similiar to losing someone because the person has changed ………

There are things I can no longer do (temp.) and many things I can be around

My children and I always had an awesome relationship …………..

Even my brother ED said it his last visit to my home b4 he passed ……….

We had family meetings ………….

I was self-employed ………………

They always encouraged me inbetween assignments ……….

We had many lobster days and some PJ’s sandwiches etc ……

They were always in the loop ………………..

As soon as they were capable …………….

I showed them my check …………………

Then gave them the bills and would let them write out the bills ………..

So they had an idea of how the money is spent !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give GOD all the praise and glory for my children ………

We are a team and always have been ……………..

They have adjusted to my limitations and encourage me …………

If I have a need I email it and they fiqure it out !!!!!!!!!!!!

It was probably more difficult for me than them because ………..

I’ve always kept myself in a situation where I never had to ask ………..

For anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not including GOD)

GOD broke that off me Praise HIM !!!!!!!!!

I am first thankful to Lord GOD for giving me these awesome children and grands.

Thank you children for helping me and letting me know that it’s what I’ve done for you !!!!!!!!!

#LovingAndPraisingGod #BlessedWithTheBestestAdultChildrenAndGrands!!!!!!