My greatest gift this year is the gift of free medical insurance …..

Ive worked up to 4 pt jobs at a time (ask gg) …….

I loved working ….. not really a social person ……

Never took a dime from the government ……

Been a homeowner since around 25 …….

This is my 5th home …………

Abuse from my job and my own car insurance (the person that hit me was also insured by my company 21st Century) ……

Cause me many many issues and I’m left sick with no insurance ….

My job terminated me while I was on state disability ………

So I am grateful and there are many others like me out there …..

This is my first time asking the government for anything !!!!!!!!!!!

GOD’s taken care of everything for me so this isnt about something troubling or worrying me I cast all my cares on our Lord and Savior Amen …..I’m #JS


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