Deliverane and Healing

We never know when God will deliver us from our enemies …. July 2015 I put my house on the market with plans of staying in CA … I dont know why because my assignment was over … I try to always remember to ask God to open or close doors as I much decisions … So I did and He closed the door on every house I thought I wanted.

I was talking to my grandson that’s in college and I had an overwhelmed need to be close to him … So my journey began … I immediately text my broker and said I’m moving to Florida … The I went to the computer to find a house / broker … The only person that answered her phone became my broker and friend !! The following weekend I was in Florida looking for houses … Oh by the way … I had no money … bad credit … insurmountable debt … and and and !!! I was on my way with a prequalification letter in hand !!

Let me explain how I got that prequal letter … I called my bank because I wasn’t approved and explained my situation … which was that I owned a home … sick … forced into early retired …  and and and … He told me that he would bring my application to a special meeting they have to push people through financing if the requirements were met … That meeting took place Friday before my trip … Yes you got it … they approved me with a 3% interest rate !!!

The fourth house in I knew it was the home God had for me … The owners didn’t know we were coming because their broker never got in touch with them !!  As I took off on my own going from room to room, outside etc etc etc … I walked back into the house and said “I Love God, I Love God, I Love God … the wife a believer knew they found their buyer !!! Three weeks later I was in my new house … leaving all the stressors from my CA assignment there !!!

I give GOD all the praise and glory because no one can do us like Jesus … I paid off my debt and is living comfortable … I still have issues to work out from my unresolved past and other attacks the enemy tries to use against me … I’m staying firm in the Word of God and fighting head to head … I will not give into the thoughts from the enemy AMEN !!! God wants me living the abundant life with health and having all my needs met !!!


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