Being a Mother is a Gift not a Job ….

“Before I lay my head to rest tonight, I have something on my heart that must be said! I just spent the evening discussing life lessons of love with my oldest son, James! In doing so, I’ve been lead to think of the beauty of our relationship and the blessing that has been placed before me in having the opportunity to mother this child. Now that I’m grown and in my own walk of life, I have grown to appreciate (even more) the blessing that I had in having a mother outside of my birth mother to love and guide me as well. I’ve grown to understand more of the struggle that you take on in attempting to mother a child who was not born of your own, yet you love as so. As a child, I thought it disrespectful to call another woman “mom”…not because I was taught so by my mother… I was simply in love with her for all of the right reasons.

I’ve always been grateful for my expansive family, but now that I’m a woman and mother in my own right, I’ve obtained a deeper level of respect for women who extend their hearts to children who grow from under them, albeit biological or not. I’ve been blessed to have a son who has a mother of his own who also loves my children as her own without caution or false pretense. I’m appreciative all the way around. To love a child that not only looks like the man that you love combined with a woman that he once shared a time with is an awe inspiring feat and I feel as if I’ve climbed Mount Olympus, cause he doesn’t have to doubt my love for him and I don’t have any qualms with regard to loving him unconditionally. With that being said, I’d like to say that I love and appreciate you for the mother that you’ve been to me, Rosalee’s Daughter! I can’t thank you enough for loving me, raising me, fighting with me and fighting for me! In case you didn’t know, I hope that you do! It’s ironic that I came into his life about the same time that you came into mine! I pray that he still feels my love in his grown life (as I do for all of my kids) in the same way that I feel yours for me! Most importantly… THANK YOU!!! With all that being said, I simply wanted to take a moment to honor you for being a mother to me, through good times and bad! I love you!


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