I had my walk it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. ….. I realized that getting back to 3 hours should not be as important as begin to enjoy it and do it on a regular basis ……..

I also saw my life since 2/2009 ….. I was a large nail and the enemy sent people, etc. and they all had hammers ….. They were hitting me and my body was being lowered into the ground up to my neck ……

During this time I kept praising GOD, sharing HIS goodness etc. even when I would have problems catching my breath, difficulty speaking etc……

The enemy wanted me to leave GOD but in fact it made me love HIM more!!

I’m going through the healing process and I believe HE has chosen to do it slowly and not instantaneously …… I accept God’s will and plan over my life!!! HE is in control !!! Amen !!!!


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