The Power of The Holy Spirit

I’m a very transparent person …..
There r stories I can tell about the Holy Spirit ….N ppl will have their doubts or think I’m crazy …..

But thats about them not me / or my relationship with GOD !!!

I was thinking that my life will begin when I can put my issues in the past …..

BUT GOD my new life begins when I give them to HIM and move on …..

That’s what I learned from all of this !!!!

The ppl that r really close to me know my difficulties can c the difference ….

I have difficulty carrying a conversation ….

If I THINK I took my meds I DID …. whether I did or not …..

My new partner is the 2nd person I built a friendship with ….

When I relocated by myself to CA !!!

When I received a Word from the Healing room in Riverside ….

That what I’m doing is not my calling …….

I immediately thought who could take over this …

I have favor in Riverside county n its bc of my relationship with GOD !!!

Dr. Corin and I have the same quiet spirit until we start talking about GOD ….

N I knew she was the only person the can carry on what GOD started with me …..

I am now a teacher, a servant n whatever else GOD has in restore !!!

I am at peace thank u Jesus Christ !!!!!!!!!!!!

I received a package last night from buy 1 get 2 free ….My Liquid Vitamin D3 5000…..I looked at the box and I felt there was something in the box ….

That I didnt order ….

I opened the box this morning …..

A mini Balance bar 100% coca with nuts ….

I have been searching for dark chocolate with almonds …..

For the benefits only …. I only eat foods that r healthy !!!!

We serve an awesome GOD !!!!

U can converse with him, HE can tell u things b4 they happen

N the list goes on ……

Grow in faith n u will b surprised !!!

Thank u Lord God 4 loving me unconditionally … I am not perfect !!

But YOU r Amen !!!!
S.C.  you are in the spirit of God. HE will tell you things, before they happen, and more. God is working, on you.

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