Lessons Learn on FB

I must say that since ive been on Facebook ive learned so much ….

Understand that I didnt know about being filled with the Holy Spirit until I move 2 CA @ age 50.

God told me b4 I even knew I was relocating to CA that something powerful was going to happen to me when I went back to church.

Yes I stopped going to a Baptist church in NJ bc the pastor was telling the courts we didn’t pay him a salary 2 avoid paying child support. Being a board member, we did discussed it and we were going to confront him. No one ever did … so i did … n I left after that not returning to a church for 5 years.

My first church in CA I ran up for prayer and went down in the Spirit 4 the first time. I didn’t kno what hit me and I wasn’t satisfied with how people were explaining it so I purchased some books and read and found out 4 myself !!

God showed me thru dreams n visions that I would work with criminals a year b4 I relocated. I thought they were bad dreams / nightmares !!!

In saying all that ….. When I made friends with people on fb n they cursed / or just said things I wasnt comfortable with and said they were Christians. I was confused …..

What I learned is that we are all on different paths with different callings and different levels in r cleaning and purification with GOD.

So we r not to judge others bc God has something specific for them and mayb they have not yet reached the growth in Christ that we have.

I started reading the Bible seriously after 911 n still didnt kno that I could b Spirit filled and communicate with God til my 50’s….

So Ive learned how to click on the friends settings and just do not allow their post to show up on my page. Bc if I have Pastors, Prophets, Christians looking at my page I dont want them 2 b exposed to that but I am also not goin to delete them bc they are growing in Christ …. just like we did !!!

So let us love one another and let people grow in Christ according to HIS plans n not r’s …….

Amen !!!


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