Oh No I Can’t Take Care of Myself ~~~~~ My Visit From My Only Son 11/8/13

When I first lost the ability to do all the things I use to …
I got scared bc i did a lot !!!
After giving it all 2 GOD u learn 2 do what u can …
N not worry about the rest !!!
Well my son and his coworker will b leaving in about 5 hours …
I am so grateful that they are leaving me with working outside lights …Even got an upgrade … motion lights instead of solar !!!My bike after 2 years is working ….

I still don’t know how to use it but someone will show me at GOD’s appointed time Amen !!!

I praise GOD everyday for my children and thank GOD he gave me a son in the middle ….

He takes care of all of us !!!!

God is good and I give HIM all the praise n glory 4 without HIM I am nothing !!

Traveling mercies while they are driving back to AZ  later this morning !!

It’s a blessing to see your adult children and that they r on this earth to make it a better place …. all of them love helping people and r positive role models …….       #BlessedMother



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