Is someone Burning Wood

I wanted to go for a walk which my doctor told me I must do everyday.  I went to my side door and smelled wood or something burning therefore even with my mask its not a good idea for me to go out today.  Its 11:30 am and I still feel like I need more sleep, it could be the quality of the air.

I ended up staying in today just tired n thats ok !!  But I am depressed I’ve been getting depressed it seems every other day !!

I find that whenever I am exposed to cigarette smoke, all fumes, stress etc. I get sleepy along with constricted breathing, lightheadedness, feeling faint, a headache, wobbly  etc. !!

It’s 6:30 pm and I’m getting annoyed with ChefVille it always gets stuck and you can’t accomplish anything however I’ve been feeling like throwing my computer which is not a good idea.


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