Fighting for clean air

“I will fight for clean air so that other people will not control my life span”

As I am entering one of my favorite stores I see a man finishing up his cigarette right near a “No Smoking” sign.

I immediately get tightness in my chest, light headed, a headache and difficulty breathing !!!!!!!!! The man HE HAS NO IDEA so I share with him what his habit is doing to my lungs !!!!!!!! I’m not sure whether he cares or not BUT I MUST PROTECT MY LUNGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Social Security I have been fighting for my benefits since 5/2010.  I have no health insurance, and I will be 61 in December. My first hearing the judge was rude, didn’t allow me to speak etc. I filed a complaint after discussing it with my lawyer and he agreed that I should.  Then I was dropped by my lawyer.  Had a new hearing in June 2013 and is still waiting for determination.  Oh, by the way this is just one of my medical problems >>>> to name a few I had RADS (Reactive Airway disease), Funnel Chest, Ulnar Nerve Lesion, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, High Blood pressure, Arthritis, PTSD, Major Depression, Carpal Tunnel and the list goes on !!!!!!


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